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Project Management Opportunities at Parexel

Project Management

Project Specialist 1

求人ID 51674BR ロケーション 神戸, 兵庫県 仕事内容

A senior PS works independently with a high sense of ownership on project management tasks typically on larger or more complex projects, having higher level expertise such as advanced analytical, technical and communication skills, a more advanced financial understanding, and building internal/external client relationships. Understands the impact of the own and all other project roles on delivering projects in time, in scope and to quality and acts accordingly.

•Project Initiation Management
•Project Execution and Control Management
•Project Integration Management
•Project Meeting Management
•Project vendor Management
•Project Financial Management
•Project Closure Management
•Program/Portfolio Systems set up and access management
•Program/Portfolio specific trainings compliance
•Program/Portfolio specific metrics calculation
•Lead Project Specialist Project
•Portfolio/ Partnership Project Specialist


•Project Management – Superior
•Financial Management – Advanced
•Analytical Mindset – Superior
•Quality Delivery – Superior
•Team Oriented approach – Superior
•Ownership – Superior
•Communication – Superior
•Client Focused approach – Advanced
•Professionalism - Superior

Proficiency Levels;
* Superior - notable strength, possessing a special talent, and viewed as being better than most – capable of coaching for and teaching this competency.
*Advanced - mature understanding of the competency and excellent ability to apply the competency in multiple situations- capable of teaching the basics of this competency to others

•Bachelor degree or equivalent degree •Master degree, post-graduation or equivalent desired

•Intermediate to Advanced English level for non-native English speakers
Native Japanese level required for non-native Japanese speakers

•Significant experience in Project Specialist or similar role









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